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Mission: To enhance driver & passenger’s safety by providing better Automotive Safety Glass. Vision:

Vision: To be the most competitive Automotive Safety Glass service provider in Malaysia.


We provide a variety of services to our customers. First and foremost, we provide engineering support services. The consultation and design of safety glass application is provided to our customers to help set the standards for quality safety glass application. Then, we help to fabricate and supply vehicle body glass frame, which includes control (builder’s) jigs, checking (QC) jigs, and glass (manufacturing) jigs. We also provide support on safety glass installation training along with adhesive application devices. Line Audit services are also provided to ensure safety glass installation works are in full compliance with “SOP”.

We have a team of well trained and experienced glass installation technicians to provide in-house or on-site installation services. They are well-equip with professional knowledge and skills and are able to provide installation services anytime, anywhere. 

We also provide glass repairing services. Our repair services include windscreen crack and chip repair, glass stain (rainbow effect) cleaning, windscreen water leakage, rear-view mirror bracket repair and door glass bracket repair.

Puspakom Inspection Temporary Clear Glass Routing services are also provided.


We manufacture all kinds of Safety Glass Products. Our products are either manufactured in-house or outsourced locally or overseas. We and our contractors use the technologies and materials that are equivalent to “OEM” standard to ensure quality products are provided to our customers. Moreover, we coordinate with our industrial and commercial customers closely to ensure timely supply of our products, minimize stock holding costs and avoid running out of stock using modern logistics management concept.

We import several kinds of Automotive Safety Glasses, including bus and car safety glasses. We also import equipment in regards to the application and installation of automotive safety glass. A portion of our supplies are imported from overseas to cope with and fulfil domestic demands from different market segments.

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